The Japanese guitar manufacturing company, ESP, focuses on the manufacturing of electric guitars and basses. The company has its roots in Tokyo, Japan and also based in Los Angeles, California, US. They manufacture guitars under several names like, “ESP Standard”, “Navigator”, “Edward Guitar and Basses”, and “Grassroots”. They have products ranged from Japanese built custom shop models to mass produced Korean, Chinese and Indonesian made instruments.

ESP Guitars

Top 3 ESP Guitars for Metal:

  1. EC-1000 Deluxe

ESP’s LTD has been making remarking sales record ever since it was launched. One of the best models by ESP is EC1000 Deluxe, and it is one of the best guitars you can get for less than $1000. Even though Les Paul is not so famous for heavy metal, they managed to overcome this issue quite successfully with models like EC-1000 Deluxe. Like any proper metal guitar, EC1000 comes with a mahogany body.  Mahogany wood is the hardest tonewoods in use, but a bit heavier. It has thin U shaped maple design. It uses a set of EMG active pickups. ESP EC1000 takes the performance to a new level.

  • It’s difficult to handle the grips at first.
  • Modifying one is a tough job.
  1. Viper-407

The Viper design is based on the popular Gibson Guitar company’s SG model. The design began by being rejected by Les Paul. It was renamed SG, and it turned out to be a success. The SG and SG based models are associated with metal music. ESP LTD Viper 407 is the heaviest and best of them all. These guitars are a 7-stringed Electric guitar with a mahogany body, and 3-piece set maple neck.

  • Killer looks, TOM bridge, clarity of chords and notes in distortion mode, which is great for rhythm metal playing.
  • It is difficult to play while sitting, no EMG pickups, which are great for metal.
  1. MH 250NT

The MH 250NT is an unbelievably affordable neck-thru body guitar with a maple top. It also has EMG-ESP LH300 humbuckers, a 3-piece maple neck, an Agathis body and black hardware. It has a dark brown sunburst finish. Pickups combo is made of two ESP LJ-301 pickups. MH 250NT is one of the pillars of the LTD versions of ESP guitars.

  • Suitable for playing heavy metal
  • Clean and distorted sound
  • Low-quality wood
  • Not a suited appearance for blues or classical.