If you find work very stressful, you shouldn’t just accept this as normal. While it’s not uncommon, it can still make things very uncomfortable for you. Not only does stress have a negative impact on your body, it can hinder your career advancement. Stressed out people are often unable to perform at their peak level. They have a hard time getting along with co-workers and may not be so good at problem solving and creative thinking. To help you reduce work related stress, we’ve identified some effective approaches that anyone can benefit from.

How organized are you at work? If you’re disorganized, it’s what may be causing you stress. What about clutter? It’s related to your being organized or disorganized. You’re a lot more likely to be stressed out if you’ve got a disorganized routine or you’re always misplacing things. For some people, it’s become a daily ritual: the moment they open their eyes in the morning, their stress levels go up. Do you get up early enough so that you have time to get ready without rushing like crazy? Here’s a simple strategy that can greatly reduce your stress every morning: have everything you need for the next day prepared. If you know what you’re going to wear, what you’re going to have for breakfast and have your briefcase all packed up, your mornings will be a lot less chaotic.

Sleep can affect your stress levels. One of the more common causes of stress is sleep deprivation. You may find it difficult to sleep because you’re stressed, but if you don’t sleep, you’re going to be even more stressed. Think about making some changes in your lifestyle and see if those don’t help you sleep. For instance, you can cut back on your caffeine consumption. If your sleep deprivation has become serious, it’s best to go to a doctor. You need to get adequate sleep if you want to be able to function well. You’re a lot less likely to be stressed out at work if you know you’re getting plenty of rest and sleep.

Unfortunately, the time it takes to get to your workplace can sometimes be an issue as well. For some people, getting to and from work is the most stressful times of their day; usually hinging on the distance involved. You may be able to take certain measures to make your commute more pleasant. If you drive or take a bus or train, imagine being alone in a quiet place. If you enjoy listening to audio books, this may be a good time. When there are minor setbacks on the way to work; this will make them easier to handle. When you have the ability to telecommute a portion of your work load you will get a little relief. This is offered by quite a few employers these days. You may be able to arrange a different work schedule with your boss if they don’t have this choice open.

You should never ignore work-related stress. Even your personal life and health can be greatly affected if you don’t do anything to reduce the work-related stress you’re experiencing. In most instances, you can reduce stress by identifying specific areas that contribute to your stress and then coming up with solutions. We’ve just shared with you some ways you can reduce work-related stress so use them.